[ The day European Parliament said NO to software patents ]


On July 6th 2005, the Software Patents Directive was rejected by the European Parliament with an overwhelming majority of 648 votes vs 14.

It was the first time in European Union history that civil society spread its voice so massively, was heard and won over big industries lobbyists. The unforgettable day when the European Parliament reminded the Commission about the signification of the word Democracy. According to Josep Borell, former EP President : the "most decisive majority vote in the history of the chamber".

Michel Rocard commented : "The European Parliament has refused to ratify the recent judicial errors (…) If these errors were to continue, it now seems clear that a parliamentary majority would emerge to put a stop to them."

Despite common sense, the European Parliament did not honored this prediction though. On December 11th 2012, its elected representatives adopted the Unitary Patent, giving up their own legislative power with regards to patent policy, enforcing the European Patent Office case law.

'Remember July 6th, 2005' is an initiative launched in 2010 to spread awareness on software patents and remember world citizens of the power of mobilization.

Author and administrator : Alexandra Bond.

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