[ Call for Celebration on 06/07/2012 ]

Brussels, June 30th 2012

To : July 6th 2005 Heroes | heroes@06072005.eu
Subject : Invitation | Celebration of the Software Patent Directive's Rejection

Dear all

Whereas next week will be decisive as many respects, with notably the votes at European Parliament on the Unitary Patent and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), it is important to remember that whatever the outcomes, we shall stand united as the European ICT Industry and Community.

We are all different but we do share common values. We believe in competitivity, transparency and interoperability as fundamental to innovation. We are committed to openness as the key to E.U.'s future.

Seven years ago, the Software Patent's Directive was rejected thanks to those strong links underlying our community. We are all in the same boat, trying to make our best to keep it floating, dreaming about maybe even making it flying some day. Because we did share the same vision, it was not possible to miss it. Politics could then only follow the message we brought.

History matters. Certain dates shall remain etched in our memories. Two years ago we launched the "Remember July 6th, 2005" initiative - see http://06072005.eu - to remind the ones involved at that time that they did succeed once by simply standing together.

We are now inviting you to join us for a celebration drink

next FRIDAY JULY 6TH at 18:00, Jonas Gallery,

Please confirm your venue by simply responding to this email and we will add your name on the guests list.

Until then, let's help MEPs making the best choice for society :

- on Unitary Patent : http://bit.ly/unipatent0407
- on ACTA : http://bit.ly/acta0407

With kindest regards

Alexandra Combes | Ultimate Circle
www.ultimatecircle.eu | info@ultimatecircle.eu
39 Chaussée de Haecht 1210 Bruxelles Tel. +32 495 12 25 79

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