[ Invitation to MEPs July 6th Celebration ]

Brussels, July 4th 2012

To : Members of the European Parliament | meps@ultimatecircle.eu
Subject : Celebration of ACTA's Defeat + Seven Years Rejection of Software Patent's Directive

Dear Members of the European Parliament

Seven years after rejecting the software patent's directive, you have decided today to defeat the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement with 478 votes vs 39. THANK YOU MEPs ! You have proven once again that Democracy is not an illusion and that better days are to expect in E.U.'s near future. What a message of hope for all of those concerned by the functioning of European institutions. Be proud you did not bob down : your people will remind it.

In two days from now we will be celebrating in Brussels ACTA's Defeat together with the 7th anniversary of the Software Patent's Directive's Rejection.

Come and join us for a celebration drink :

NEXT FRIDAY JULY 6TH, 18:00 at Jonas Gallery,

We kindly ask you to confirm your venue by simply responding to this email so that we can add your name on our guests list.

Looking forward to see you there

Yours respectfully

Alexandra Combes | Ultimate Circle
www.ultimatecircle.eu | info@ultimatecircle.eu
39 Chaussée de Haecht 1210 Bruxelles Tel. +32 495 12 25 79

With headquarter in the heart of E.U. capital Brussels, Ultimate Circle is a citizen lobby spreading awareness on digital and technical innovation challenges. Mostly focusing on European public affairs, promoting appropriate policies and healthy practices, Ultimate Circle is notably concerned about intellectual property drifts.

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