[ Rejection 8th Anniversary's Celebration on 06/07/2013 ]

Brussels, 13 06 2013

Subject : Software Patents Directive's Rejection 8th Anniversary


Dear friends, colleagues and heroes
of the Software Patent Directive's Rejection

On December 11th 2012, the European Parliament gave up its democratic control with regards to patent law by adopting the Unitary Patent and thus, opening the door to software patents claims all over Europe.

Does it mean that the war is over and that what happened eight years ago shall be forgotten and become dust in the wind ? Of course not. Quite the opposite actually. Today more than ever it is important to remember that we did succeed once and to keep those souvenirs alive.

Not because there might be opportunities to run again with fun t-shirts in the European Parliament corridors, sleep all dressed in MEPs offices or stand in circle under the rain. Indeed, the chances we do that again all together are somehow tiny.

But because it is our duty to remember that it did happen, how it worked out and spread the word about it. So that other people, who might feel like spreading their wings their turn, know that it is possible, and that waging fights against the odds does sometimes worth the effort.

An occasion also to catch attention over and over again on the software patents plague - needless to say - and carry on with constructive discussions with people we meet on the way.

Enough speaking - celebration day is coming !

Save the date and book your tickets to be in Brussels on SATURDAY JULY 6th from 18:00 to.. (let's see) as I will put on my best apron to welcome you either at home (Botanique HQ) or - depending on how many you are - in another nice place in the city center.

Exact address will be given subsequently. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can make it ; you are also welcome to register on related social pages :

- facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/582522715098903/
- G+ : https://plus.google.com/communities/100454639077341888872/

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kindest regards

Alexandra Combes
Ultimate Circle

Tel. +32 495 12 25 79
Mail : ue.elcricetamitlu|ca#ue.elcricetamitlu|ca
Web : http://ultimatecircle.eu

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